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Management of healthcare often referred to as Healthcare Control, Healthcare System Administration, Public Health Services, and entire hospital networks or other  potential medical facilities.Duties of these professionals are like individual departments run properly, qualified employees are recruited, information is disseminated efficiently throughout the company, specific outcomes are reached and resources are used efficiently, among many other duties.

  • Track 1-1Primary Home Care
  • Track 1-2Primary Care Medicine
  • Track 1-3Primary Care Services
  • Track 1-4Pediatric & Neonatal care
  • Track 1-5Primary Care Dentistry
  • Track 1-6Palliative Care
  • Track 1-7Emergency Healthcare

Nursing education center on educating people about strong ways to deliver the healthcare to patients. It teaches nurses about how to administer different medicines, to examine patient and to deliver good services to patients. The aim of nursing education is improvement in the profession of Nursing.


  • Track 2-1Mental health nursing
  • Track 2-2Cancer & tumor Nursing
  • Track 2-3Disaster nursing
  • Track 2-4Pediatric nursing
  • Track 2-5Geriatric nursing

Pediatrics Healthcare is the branch of medicine dealing with the medical care and health of infants, children, and adolescents from birth up to the age of 18. The word “pediatrics” means “healer of children”. Pediatricians diagnose and treat several health conditions among children including injuries, infections, genetic and congenital conditions and Cancer etc.


  • Track 3-1Emergency Medicine
  • Track 3-2Primary Care Medicine
  • Track 3-3Disease management
  • Track 3-4Neonatal Disorders and medicine
  • Track 3-5Clinical Pediatrics

Cardiac Healthcare is a branch of medicine dealing with Problems of the circulatory systems of the body and Heart. Cardiac Healthcare includes Health diagnosis and therapy of congenital heart defects, coronary artery problems, electrocardiography, vascular heart Problems and heart failure. Physicians who specify in this area of Heart are called cardiologists. Child cardiologists are pediatricians who specialize in cardiology. Physicians who specialize in cardiac surgery are called cardio thoracic surgeons or cardiac surgeons, a specialty of general surgery.


  • Track 4-1Cardiac Health
  • Track 4-2cardiovascular disease
  • Track 4-3Heart failure
  • Track 4-4Congenital heart disease
  • Track 4-5High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Track 4-6Arrhythmia
  • Track 4-7Cardiac arrest

Gynecology is the studies of the female reproductive system. Obstetrics is one of the categories of medicine that focuses on women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Gynecology is a wider field, focusing on the general health of women and treating conditions that affect the female reproductive systems. For example, women may be referred as gynecologists in the earlier stages of pregnancy, and obstetricians later in their term.


  • Track 5-1Midwifery
  • Track 5-2Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Track 5-3Menopause & Osteoporosis
  • Track 5-4Effect of drugs on Pregnancy
  • Track 5-5Abortion and Women health
  • Track 5-6Gynaecology & Obstetrics
  • Track 5-7Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Track 5-8Health Disorders & Obesity

Diabetes has turned out to be progressively pervasive; more care is being conveyed and overseen by training medical nurses. It is a disease in which the body’s potential to induce or respond to the hormone insulin is disabled producing in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and raised levels of glucose in the urine and blood. The parts of specialists and medical care takers have changed. Consistent diabetes survey is related with enhanced glycaemic control, and amid the most recent decade glycaemic control over the practices has made improved. Rehearses that made more utilization of medical care takers decreased the measure of time patients went through with primary care specialists additionally conveyed more care by and large with proportionate results. The investment funds in specialists’ chance do not have all the assign of being counterbalanced by the extra expenses of time went through with different professionals, transcendently healthcare Workers.


  • Track 6-1Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
  • Track 6-2Coronary artery Disease
  • Track 6-3Herbal supplements
  • Track 6-4Lower extremity arterial disease
  • Track 6-5Hyperlipidemia
  • Track 6-6Hypertension

Healthcare nurses work in extend were sharing the qualities is the piece of first level contact with the health framework. Nursing is the Protection, advancement, and improvement of health and capacities, anticipation of sickness and damage, help of mending, mitigation of anguish through the analysis and treatment of human reaction, and support under the watchful eye of people, families, gatherings, groups, and populaces. The fundamental part of nursing experts is to give primary and specialty healthcare services benefits alongside directing patient history and physical examination.

•              Plan of care and Implementation of Treatment

•              Ensuring the Quality of Healthcare

•              Primary Health Promotion and Protection

•              Diagnosis of Health Status


  • Track 7-1Nursing and Midwifery
  • Track 7-2Community health nursing
  • Track 7-3Nursing Informatics
  • Track 7-4Nursing Practice & Management
  • Track 7-5Nursing Leadership & Management

Pharmaceuticals are a reasoning of training in which the patient is the essential recipient of the drug specialist's activities. Pharmaceutical healthcare centres the dispositions, practices, duties, concerns, morals, capacities, learning, obligations and aptitudes of the drug specialist on the arrangement of medication treatment with the objective of accomplishing therapeutic restorative results toward patient health and personal satisfaction. this definition concentrates on drug therapy in the individual patient, the Group extended the recipient of pharmaceutical care to people in general all in all and furthermore to perceive the drug specialist as a medicinal services supplier who can effectively take an interest in sickness counteractive action and health advancement alongside different individuals from the healthcare community

The pharmaceutical business finds, develops, produces, and markets medications or pharmaceutical medications for use as medicines. Pharmaceutical organizations may deal in nonspecific or brand medicines and restorative gadgets. They are liable to an assortment of laws and controls that administer the protecting, testing, security, adequacy and showcasing of medications.


  • Track 8-1Preformulation and Formulation
  • Track 8-2Drug Designing and Targeting
  • Track 8-3Routes of Drug Delivery
  • Track 8-4Bioavalibility and Bioequivalence
  • Track 8-5PK-PD

Nutrition can be categorized as the science which deals with food & it is directly or indirectly related to health. Public Health Nutrition is a significant inclination for people around the world. Nutrition & Wellness depends upon food, care, fitness and atmosphere. Malnutrition is a condition of nutrition in which a person is not eating the diet with sufficient nutrients required for the body. Food safety and Community nutrition is of prime importance as intake of unhealthy diet along with nutritional deficiencies are the major causes of the food borne diseases & deaths.


  • Track 9-1Food Science of Animal Resources
  • Track 9-2Role of Food and Nutrition in Health
  • Track 9-3Toxins in food
  • Track 9-4Health policies & implementation
  • Track 9-5Nutrient Bioavailability

High inescapability of mental and energetic issue universally will drive the business area of psychiatric medications. WHO ( Word Health Organization) communicated that pretty almost 350 million masses is encountering debilitation and mental issue and around 24 million people extensively is affected by schizophrenia issue. Thusly, rising rates of mental afflictions will at last form the enthusiasm of psychiatric treatment and consequently sustains the business improvement.

The subject of the passionate prosperity pharmaceutical industry is mind boggling and obliges a fitting and promising appraisal of current things and specifically  dosage change designs. The general pharmaceutical business can be studied at $80 billion in 2010. This business is relied on to increment at a 1.9% compound yearly headway rate (CAGR) over the gage time allotment to finish an estimation of $88 billion in 2015.

•              Assessment and evaluation of mental health effects

•              Anxiety and sleep disorders

•              Schizophrenia and nursing care

•              Stress and emotional treatment studies and outcomes

•              Cognitive behavioural therapy and family therapy in nursing

•              Primary mental health care

•              Electroconvulsive therapy and effects


  • Track 10-1Cognitive Behaviour therapy
  • Track 10-2Psychology & Psychiatry
  • Track 10-3Child abuse
  • Track 10-4Womens Mental Health
  • Track 10-5Addiction, Drug use and Toxicity
  • Track 10-6Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Track 10-7Psychosomatic disorder

Biotechnology is the wide territory of science including living frameworks and life forms to create or make items, or "any mechanical application that utilizations natural frameworks, living creatures, or subsidiaries thereof, to make or alter items or procedures for particular utilize. Contingent upon the devices and applications, it frequently covers with the (related) fields of molecular biology, bio manufacturing, molecular engineering, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering and so forth.

The wide idea of "biotech" or "biotechnology" incorporates an extensive variety of methodology for adjusting living beings as indicated by human purposes, returning to training of creatures, development of the plants, and "upgrades" to these through reproducing programs that utilize counterfeit determination and hybridization. Present day use incorporates genetic engineering and additionally cell and tissue culture technologies.

Biotechnology is the innovative work in the research centre utilizing bioinformatics for investigation, extraction, misuse and generation from any living creatures and any wellspring of biomass by methods for biochemical designing where high esteem included items could be arranged, determined, detailed, created, made, and promoted with the end goal of maintainable and increasing durable patents licenses


  • Track 11-1Biotechnology on Food processing
  • Track 11-2Marine Biotechnology
  • Track 11-3Medical biotechnology
  • Track 11-4Cancer Biotechnology
  • Track 11-5Environmental Biotechnology

Pathology is study of disease. Pathology has been characterized as "that branch of solution which treats of the basic idea of Disease." "pathology" originates from the Greek words ''pathos" meaning "disease" and "logos" meaning "a treatise" means a treatise of disease. A restorative specialist that has practical experience in pathology is known as a pathologist. Pathologists are specialists at interpreting microscopic views of body tissues. Pathology is a branch of medicinal science principally concerning the reason, starting point and nature of sickness. It includes the examination of tissues, organs, natural liquids and post-mortem examinations so as to think about and analyse diseases.

Right now, pathology can be separated into eight principle regions, contingent upon the sorts of techniques utilized or the kinds of diseases inspected. These distinctive orders are described below.

•              General pathology

•              Anatomical pathology

•              Clinical pathology

•              Chemical Pathology or Biochemistry

•              Genetics

•              Haematology

•              Immunology

•              Microbiology


  • Track 12-1Chemical Pathology
  • Track 12-2Molecular Genetics Pathology
  • Track 12-3Analyzers
  • Track 12-4Cancer Vaccines
  • Track 12-5Cancer Vaccines
  • Track 12-6Challenges in Digital pathology

Management of healthcare often referred to as Healthcare Control, Healthcare System Administration, Public Health Services, and entire hospital networks or other  potential medical facilities.Duties of these professionals are like individual departments run properly, qualified employees are recruited, information is disseminated efficiently throughout the company, specific outcomes are reached and resources are used efficiently, among many other duties.

  • Track 13-1Innovation in Global Healthcare
  • Track 13-2Healthcare Equipment
  • Track 13-3Healthcare Communications
  • Track 13-4Healthcare Databases
  • Track 13-5Advances in Healthcare
  • Track 13-6Healthcare Marketing and Industry
  • Track 13-7Healthcare Finance
  • Track 13-8Occupational Health & Safety
  • Track 13-9Healthcare System and Law

Public health is the science of protecting and improving the health of public through education, policy making, and research for disease and injury safety. Community healthcare is one of the categories in public health which focuses on people and their role as determinants of people’s health and their own health in contrast to environmental health which focuses on the physical atmosphere and its impact on people’s healthcare.


  • Track 14-1Public Health Nutrition
  • Track 14-2Public Health Management
  • Track 14-3Occupational Safety & Health
  • Track 14-4Epidemiology & Public Health
  • Track 14-5Public Health & Nutrition
  • Track 14-6Oncology & Public Health
  • Track 14-7Nutritional Health & Epidemiology